Our Story

It all started from a common interest and love for the Moomin! In 2014 we noticed that there isn’t a vendor who would unite the Moomin enthusiasts and the people who had Moomin collectibles in their home just collecting dust. That’s how it all got started. The goal is to offer Moomin collectibles with affordable prices and a convenient way to for the private seller to sell their collection as a whole.


Our key values are reliability, honesty and transparency. We like to do business in a way that leaves the customer happy and satisfied. The growing popularity of Moomin mugs has also increased the number of scams that happen in internet auction sites. We eliminate the risk of getting scammed by doing business transparently as ourselves.


In the Finnish auction site Huuto.net we have over 1000 positive reviews and we have sold products to every part of Finland. Also we do have a lot of overseas buyers from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Japan, China etc. Our Facebook page has over 16 000 likes, but it is only in Finnish at least for now.

Muumimukit Rahaksi Tietoa meistä

We only sell products online except for once a year in a local Flea Market event. (Rasmus on the left Joonas on the right)

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