Moomin Mug Dark Rosa (1991-1999)


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Arabia’s Discontinued Moomin Mug Dark Rosa. The Mug is in good condition. The mug has a few small white spots and some light surface scratches and a pair of white scratches on it. The colors are very strong and there’s a wonderful shine on the glazing. The mug will be packed with care when shipping, using renewable materials.

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The Dark Rose Mug is also known as The Rose Moomin Mama Mug. This is due to Moomin Mama being the main character of the mug. Mug’s designer Camilla Moberg’s inspiration for the mug sparked from natural stones and rock formations. It can’t be coincidence that each and every mug designed by Moberg has natural stones in them. 

Check out the video of The Dark Rose Mug from our YouTube channel.

Sometimes this mug gets mistakenly identified as Mug Rose, which is far more rare.