Moomin Mug Muurla Retro Stinkys (2011-2012)


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Muurla’s discontinued Moomin mug Retro Moomin Mug Muurla Retro Stinkys. The mug is in very good condition. The mug’s velocity is 3,7 dl. The mug will be packed with care when shipping, using renewable materials.

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Muurla Retro Moomin Mug Muurla Retro Stinkys is one of the first Muurla’s Moomin mugs and belongs to Muurla’s Retro Series.

Muurla Moomin mugs are made by the Finnish company Muurla, which is based in Muurla, Finland. Their durable enamel coated mugs are made out of carbon steel. Besides being used in kitchen, these mugs are perfect fit for camping and trekking. The regular sized Muurla enamel mugs’ velocity is 3,7 dl, but there are also other sizes available. Muurla Moomin mugs are handmade, so the looks might differ a bit.

Muurla Moomin mugs are dishwasher safe.

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