Moomin Mug Our Coast (2016) *Signed*


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Arabia’s Discontinued Moomin Mug Vår Kust. The mug is rare signed version with Tove Slotte’s signature on the bottom. Tove Slotte designed the artwork for the mug. The mug is new and the label is attached. The mug will be packed with care when shipping, using renewable materials.

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The Our Coast Moomin Mug was released in 2016 as a continuum to Keep Waters Clean campaign. The mug’s artwork was made by Tove and Lars Jansson. Just like Keep Waters Clean Moomin Mug this mug was also part of the Save the Baltic Sea campaign. The mug is also known as the “HSR2”, where HSR stands for Håll Sverige Rent. At first the mug was only sold in Sweden and on cruise ships cruising between Finland and Sweden, but later on sold also in Moomin Shop in Helsinki and on online store. On the mug’s artwork Snorkmaiden is on a boat scooping up oil from the sea to her bucket.

Check out the video of The Our Coast Moomin Mug from our YouTube channel.

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